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Blockage-Be-Gone! Understanding Energy Blockages
Energy Blockages affect the physical and the emotional body. Clearing them ensures the energy flows smoothly allowing the body to function the best that it can!
Distance Energy Blockage Detection Clearing
What is an Energy Blockage?

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Every living Being has a spiritual body as well as a physical body. The spiritual body is made up of energy, chi, or qi. Your physical body is a reflection of and is directly connected to your spiritual body or energy. This energy is necessary to life. Your spiritual body or energy can be affected by any or all of the following:

1. Thoughts
2. Emotions
3. Pre-determined Soul Agreements
4. Physical Events

Session 1: "Thank you for the energy work. Yes, I know there must be quite a blockage because the symptoms I'm experiencing are quite severe. Last night I was still working in front of the computer until about 10:30 PM when suddenly I felt a wave of very soothing energy running through my body. I remember that this was the night of the energy work, so I took it as a sign from the universe for me to go to bed. This morning I woke up at 3:18 AM coughing severely and with my nose full of mucus, and a minute later your email came through my mobile. I couldn't focus on reading it but I know that the coughing and nose symptoms must have something to do with the energy you sent. After about 10 minutes the symptoms receded and suddenly I felt very relaxed, and a wave of that very gentle energy swept through my entire body again, it was a very amazing feeling." Session 2: "...It seems like every session brings different kind of relief and a lesson, I was hoping to get that relaxing wave again but it didn't happen LOL." Session 3: "...I feel great, it's the second day i don't need any medication at all, so thank you thank you for all your help." - Whitley, Indonesia (April 2017)

If a blockage forms in the spiritual body energy, it interferes with the normal path of energy. When a part of the body doesn't have energy going to it, the area that is not receiving it can become negatively affected or other areas of the body could be drained of what is needed to try to balance out what is happening. So a blockage in one area can affect other parts of the body.

Sometimes, the blockage dissipates on it's own especially if one meditates or practices exercises such as yoga, t'ai chi or qi gong. Sometimes, the blockage increases in size or causes other blockages in the spiritual body. Sometimes, it just stays the same size. It might not cause an issue in the physical body at all. However, there are many times when the physical and emotional bodies are affected by the spiritual body energy blockage. How can it manifest? It might prevent the body from functioning the way it should function. It might create aches and pains in various parts of the body. It might contribute to a dis-ease forming in the body. It might affect any aspect of how the body functions.


Negative thoughts can create blockages in the energy. The more intense and repetitive the thoughts, the greater the chance of an energy blockage developing. Thinking a thought once, isn't going to create a blockage. However, having one negative thought repeat over and over again for a period of time can create a blockage.

This means that an event that happens in childhood can create a certain thought pattern that continues over the years and ultimately develops into an issue as a person or animal ages.

Positive thoughts don't create create blockages so to avoid creating any energy blockages, focus on positive, loving thoughts.

"You say these energy unblocking sessions are not a miracle, I beg to differ. I know you have to make people aware and not expect instant results. Wendy, you and spirit are giving me my life back. These double treatments are phenomenal. I don't know how and what you do, but I thank God you are doing this. Nothing else has worked to alleviate my anxiety and anger. I am thinking more clearly than I have in years. I truly thought I was losing my mind, I was so confused. Thank you and bless you for venturing into unseen spiritual territory. You have basically saved my life. You know I always speak the truth. I just cannot thank you enough." - Leslie, Canada (June 2018)


Negative emotions go hand-in-hand with negative thoughts. As you experience a negative thought, it typically generates a negative emotion. Negative emotions include anger, hate, jealousy, depression, guilt, sadness, grief, greed, etc. For example, thinking that your parents don't love you can generate many negative emotions - feeling unwanted, sad, or even self-hatred. As you experience those feelings, more negative thoughts are generated, which deepens those unhappy feelings and the process repeats itself over and over again. It becomes a vicious cycle that can ultimately form an energy blockage in the spiritual body.

"Last night about 9:45 or so after I read your message I felt a small tingling in my heart area for a few minutes. I woke up this morning with the blocked feeling that is always there feeling a little lighter for a lack of knowing how to describe it.... My heart does not feel as heavy and the sadness feeling isn't as bad, yay ?? Thanks again for your help with opening up my heart...Your last bit of advice is definitely a keeper and something I will need to read a lot and remind myself of that advice. It is spot on for sure and definitely applies to my situation and thoughts. I do feel a bit more open and have more energy and not as much sadness in my heart. I am thankful for that, it's been a long time that my heart has been so heavy. You are more than welcome to use what I have written for feedback. The sessions were worth it." Cheryl - USA April 2017

Pre-determined Soul Agreements...

There are many souls that agree to have a certain ailment - physical or emotional. Some simply want to experience how it affects a soul. Some agree to have the issue to help others to learn. That means that a child could have a physical or emotional ailment because he or she is teaching a parent tolerance or compassion, etc.

Some agree to have a physical or emotional ailment to complete a life lesson or obligation. For example, a person could agree to have cancer so they heal themselves and then write books to help others. It's not about their thoughts or feelings necessarily - it is created on purpose so they have what is needed to complete their spiritual goals.

It's also possible that a person has an issue because it is karmic in nature. This means they are repeating a past life disease or affliction that affected them in at past life and as a result, they stopped progressing as a soul. They are repeating it in this lifetime to resolve the karma.

Each case is unique to that person and/or animal.

Physical Events...

Of course, many go through physical events such as car accidents, falls, burns, cuts, etc. that damage the energy and the physical body. Know that any physical ailment starts in the spiritual body. Removing blocks from the the spiritual body ensures energy flows better and that directly affects the physical body.

"Thank you Wendy...for the awesome healings you have given me recently for my damaged foot and through the years for the repercussions from my two accidents, not to mention the many "little things" I have managed to do to myself because, well...let's face it...I'm just not that careful lol. Without your healing help I would have been taking painkillers daily...and what was and is able to heal properly did, and does so much quicker with your help. The "in person" healing and the remote healings you have been doing on my foot and my hip have made such a difference for me and made it easier for me to go to work daily and to navigate the stairs where I live. The other night I got up from my desk and walk to my kitchen thinking...hey...everything feels so good right now...and then getting your e-mail when I came back to sit down, telling me you had just finished a healing on me lol...I love it when things like that happen! Thanks again for sharing the gift!" Elaine, Canada - March 2017

It doesn't matter what causes the blockage in the energy. Removing it definitely allows the energy to flow and when it flows as it should, the physical body starts to function as it should.

"I have glaucoma. I'm blind in one eye and my vision in the other is not good. After the first session, I woke up the next day and found that my vision in my good eye was clearer than it had been for months. That was a surprise, but such a pleasant one!" Lil, Canada - March 2017

"I can not thank you enough for all your help Wendy - both for Reba and myself. Our story: Reba and I were on a roller coaster with her sinus problems and Wendy helped me sort out my feelings on what we have should do - after her healings and contacts with Reba we went ahead with surgery - we continued the healings and now after three weeks she is home - still a road of recovery but with continued support from Wendy. Reba will be back to full recovery soon." Barb, Canada - March 2017

What Blockage Be Gone! is not...

This is not a miracle cure and it does not replace care from your health professionals. It does however work well with other therapies and often helps a body respond better to medicines and therapies as the energy flows properly.


Oralin and those associated with the Oralin Blockage Detection and Clearing Service do not diagnose or treat diseases or claim to cure ailments and is not responsible for anything any client might experience as a result of receiving a Blockage Be Gone! Session. This is an energy blockage detection and clearing service and is not a replacement for other means of healthcare. Click here to read the complete Disclaimer.

Refund Policy:

No refunds.


About~Animal~Sessions    Step~by~Step~Ordering~Process    What~issues~can~be~addressed?    Case~Studies    How~many~sessions~needed?    Ordering~for~a~Loved~One    Understanding~the~Report   

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